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Family Matters Podcast with
Raymont and Brenda Johnson
Uniting and Strengthening the Family

Listen to Raymont and Brenda every Sunday morning on the University of Mount Union radio 91.1 FM

Tune in on Sunday's at 7:30 am and noon.  Out of the area listen via phone at 563-999-3112

see what one listener said about Family Matters:

My name's Mike Lommersum from Louis films security guard and every Sunday morning I listen your oldies but goodies but one other thing I'd like to give a shout out in a kudos to pastor Raymond Brenda Johnson and they're just marvelous. I tell you what, I've never heard anybody or anyone talked intelligence as much as he has and he's got it all together. I tell you what would A to send to us to our younger people in our older people. God bless Pastor Raymond and Brenda Johnson. Thank you.

Family Matters is a show that inspires, empowers and equips individuals and families via our verity of shows on many subjects

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